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What is this?

The use of Games to enhance learning, creativity and thinking in varying learning environments.
Using games/creating games in an educational setting.

__How to Create Game:____Educational Games and Gamification:__

Team Members

Lorraine Johnson - Chanel College, Gladstone
Kerrie Stubblety - LbP & DVNC Melbourne
Sarah-Kay Coulter - Melbourne Girls Grammar
Marcia Fisher - teacher librarian - Townsville
Cary Tiedeman- Year 6 Teacher from Mary Help of Christians Sawtell.
Cath Taylor - Moruya High School - South Coast NSW-- Special Education Teacher.
Joshua Whysall - Glasshouse Country Christian College - IT Technician
Matthew Gibson - Glasshouse Country Christian College - Sunshine Coast, QLD - IT Assistant
Cassie Thorne - St Luke's Anglican School Bundaberg.

Examples of current classroom use (if any)

  • I use games on an iPad to get kids with Intellectual Disabilities to engage and learn how to use this technology.
  • I use this as a motivator and a bribe so students reach new found learning goals and
  • work towards achieving tasks they find difficult or lack motivation.
  • Gbanga Zooh for Zurich Zoo

    Gbanga launched the educational location-based game Gbanga Zooh for Zurich Zoo and it asked players to save endangered animals and physically bring them back to a zoo. The game encourages players to maintain virtual habitats across the Canton of Zurich in order to attract and collect endangered species of animals.
  • The use of software such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs has been used in the Primary area and can be used for remedial work with those in Middle school.
  • Our school has used Minecraft in an educational setting- examples include building the trenches at ANZAC Cove.
  • We have used ipads in a 1:1 setting in grade 1-3. The educational games are a great way to get the children involved and participating in activities that would normally appear boring.

Potential classroom uses

Badges - Rewards - Is a visual representation of an accomplishment, such as skill competency, knowledge competency, attendance, participation, project completion, or a professional credential.

Extension activities.

Use of Gaming to develop concepts of Social Ethics

Team Work, Breaking down barriers

Educational version of steam - www.teachwithportals.com.

Top five must-have resources

Jeanette Davies - how to make an iPad accessible to students with disabilities. Make gaming accessible to all.

Check this device out it makes it possible for people with physical disabilities that use switches to access iPads.

Create your own games.

__Games in Education__
This website has examples of games that can be used in education.

__How Games are Improving Education__
Website to examine how games are used in Education