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Topic:Flipped Classroom

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Accessible 24/7

What is this?
Allowing the student to learn by teaching.
Allowing the students to learn from home - eg a video and then students can come to school having watched the video at home. Skills being taught before coming to class.
Students access content online and use the classroom time for exploring the content and problem-solving.
Students watch lectures at home and work through activities in the classroom

Team Members

Heather Gray - Griffith Uni
Carol Marais - MFAC teacher
Di Casey- OLMC, Melbourne
Judy Clark - ICT Coordinator King’s Christian College. Gold Coast
Michael Raeburn - Xavier Catholic College, Ballina

Examples of current classroom use (if any)

Search the internet and list several examples you find of this being used in the classroom. Hyperlink these.

Potential classroom uses

We’ve had scavenger hunts where students hunt relevant information across the university, visiting coffee shops and sharing what they find. I’m after as many ideas from others that I can apply that will make learning fun...any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

When teaching the same skill across so many classes each day. I find it the flipped approach great . You can video the skill and place it on the school LMS for students to watch before the lesson. It cuts down skill teaching time by 10 mins each class.

Top five must-have resources

Poll Everywhere
Google Presentation