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What is this?

Publishing traditional documents in an online format? not restricted to epub, but flash magazines, __digital catalogues__, pdfs, issuu (__my schools yearbook example__)- interactive and immersive.

Traditional media: CD, pdf, electronic journal, online magazine, online newspaper
Emerging media: Blog, Collaborative software, Digital publication, File sharing, mobile apps, Podcasting. __

Check this out ... What horizons report says about e publishing __

Team Members

Jan MacNamara ... Australia
Jacinta Browning , St Joseph’s Cairns
Roberta McShane, Carmel College. Australia
Tom Pulver, St Francis De Sales Regional College, Leeton, Australia
Rita Petersen St Thomas’ Mareeba Queensland
Kevin Browning, St Therese’s, Cairns
Simon D JPC Australia
Jennifer Willis Moreton bay college
Christine Morlin St Thomas’ Mareeba Queensland
John Mullins, Nth Geelong Secondary College
Sandra Murphy, Genesis CC, Qld

Examples of current classroom use (if any)

Search the internet and list several examples you find of this being used in the classroom. Hyperlink these
  • PowerPoint**
    • Prezi
    • __ibook author__
    • E textbook... Creation of customised personalised courses ... Student selected ... Eg Macmillan, Pearson, dynamic learning
    • Wikispaces ... Free publishing of text materials
    • Big universe ... Authentic publishing platform for student authors
    • __pages - epub__
    • - Scribd
    • __YouTube__
    • Adobe inDesign wordle
    • tagxedo/wordle
    • Digital storytelling
    • e-portfolios
    • QR codes
    • Aurasma
    • Animoto
    • ebookswriter

Potential classroom uses

Present a final project
Demo a skill or safety procedure in the workshop

Publish for authentic audience

skill set for media literacy ... Very important for students to be agile in online publishing area as a
producer and consumer

  • Could be used for Design Projects, learning portfolios and project distribution?!?
  • Sharing of projects online made easy.
  • e-books

Top five must-have resources

Curate your top 5 favourite resources that others can use to share this technology.

Possible information sources
Top 50 publishers JM

  • You don’t always need special skills to create. But __indesign__ is pretty awesome in my experience. ...WOW ... InDesign for dummies ... I need that

  • Would YouTube count as a source of how to for electronic publishing? yes...agree... So many elements of multimedia can be harnessed
  • hardware capable of supporting capture , editing and publishing
  • any publishing tool plus any cloud hosting solution