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Haining Lu, Ros Hardy, Russell Ives, Jane Norton and Jue Zhang ELTHAM College located in Research, Australia.

Area of Awareness:

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Social Awareness:
Many argue that face-to-face society is being impacted negatively by the proliferation of technology that causes the inattentiveness of people to their own families and face-to-face friends. Cell phones have interrupted movies, weddings, and social events, and often have become an intrusive, disruptive device when used in inappropriate ways for the context of the social situation. Social awareness allows the digital citizen to interpret situations and retain interpersonal skills with face-to-face and online friends and colleagues.

Etiquette & Respect

Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure.
Technology users often see this area as one of the most pressing problems when dealing with Digital Citizenship. We recognize inappropriate behavior when we see it, but before people use technology they do not learn digital etiquette (i.e., appropriate conduct). Many people feel uncomfortable talking to others about their digital etiquette. Often rules and regulations are created or the technology is simply banned to stop inappropriate use. It is not enough to create rules and policy, we must teach everyone to become responsible digital citizens in this new society.

What is your personal digital etiquette? Do you think we have any common understandings re digital etiquette? Ros

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Safety first respect always!! Without face to face contact communication can easily be misunderstood. Knowing some protocols in important.

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Common Sense Media: Digital Footprint Intro from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.

This is a really good video that gets us to considerour digital footprint

TECH DIGITEEN Etiquette And Respect
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