Introducing Connected and Flat Learning

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What is 'Connected Learning'?

Connected learning applies to skills, attitudes and behaviors for the 21st century. It is about how we receive, share and ultimately create and publish content. It is also about how we approach learning through the use of technology. Connected learning focuses on the building of networks and developing personal learning resources through the interaction with personal learning networks and professional learning communities. Connected learning is also about relationships and building and sustaining these learning communities.

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Connected learning includes blended and flipped learning modes and supports the sort of collaboration that includes co-creation, therefore going beyond simple interaction or cooperation.

A face to face community, or regular classroom, is often the starting point, but then, supported by technology, the learner connects with other ideas, resources and communities online. The term 'connectivism' is often used and refers to the metaphor of a network with nodes and connections, and where learning involves creating these connections.

What is 'Flat' Learning?

'Flat' learning refers to the working relationship between all learners - teachers, students and others - so there is no real hierarchy for learning. A 'Flat Classroom' connects and engages with multiple audiences, resources and tools to create authentic, collaborative learning outcomes. Information flows freely from one to the other as the quest for knowledge, constructed through interaction, continues. This is scaffolded by the efficient use of a variety of tools, especially Web 2.0 tools, for learning management, collaboration and co-creation.
PLN - Personal Learning Network
PLC - Professional Learning Community
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Recipe to Flatten Your Classroom

Three simple steps:

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  • Join Scootle - Join and start communities of Australian teachers