Digital Citizenship Workshop - Digitween

This hands-on workshop is a process! We will explore different tools and collaborative modes and discuss at the end what powerful learning experiences took place and how these can be implemented across classrooms, between schools.
We will focus on the Digiteen/Digitween Project (a Flat Classroom® project) for stimulus.

Exploring the Digiteen and Digitween Global ProjectsFlat_Digitween larger.png

Workshop Material

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 7.14.23 PM.png

PART 1: Building a Community of Learners

It is important to build a learning community around the collaboration (local or global). For this we will use Edmodo
  • Join or login to - Group code: 6mhant
  • Introduce yourself - this is what we call the 'Handshake' phase of the collaboration - you can add an image of link to a website that shares more about you
  • Respond to at least one other handshake from another person
  • Join your Team on Edmodo - you will be allocated a team by the teacher after you join the EC Workshop Group
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.41.50 AM.png

PART 2: Collaborative Authoring

  • Research your topic - note you will have one Area of Awareness and one Core Competency are to inform this research. More information about these is provided on the Digitween Project wiki
  • You may need to join to be able to edit this wiki
  • Use your Team wiki page to collaboratively share RESEARCH of the Area of Awareness and Core Competency
  • Things to problem solve:
    • How will your team connect and communicate?
    • Where will you find resources? eg digital citizenship resources on Diigo, or exploring the Citizenship page?
    • How will you make sure only 1 person is editing the wiki at once?
    • Where and how will draft resources and developmental discussions be shared?
    • Who will take leadership for editing language (US English or British English?)

PART 3: Presentation/Action Project

Normally at this stage of the project two things happen
  • Students are invited to present in a virtual classroom in real time - this will be with their own school, and as individuals
  • Students work back in their own classrooms to devise a local action project, implement this and then share it back via the wiki

Workshop Action

  • Go to the Google Presentation
  • Decide as a team what information you wish to share from your research
  • Create one or two new slides
  • Allocate a team member(s) to add content to these slides
  • Don't forget! You can still be finishing off the wiki while others are starting the final presentation