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What is this?

Digital identity is a set of data that uniquely describes a person or a thing (sometimes referred to as subject or entity) and contains information about the subject's relationships to other entities.[1] The social identity that an internet user establishes through digital identities in cyberspace is referred to as online identity.

In the simplest terms, one’s digital identity is a method that allows recognition any place where a log-in is needed.

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Hamish Taylor, Batemans Bay High School NSW, Australia
Jane Martens, Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Australia
Karen Bonanno, Eduwebinar P/L
Deb LH Toowoomba Preparatory School, Queensland, Australia

Examples of current classroom use (if any)

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Suggested activities: Students then learn about digital citizenship and the different levels of online responsibility to self, friends and family, and community).
Students will be able to ...

  • understand the concept of online ethics as it applies to four key areas.
  • define digital citizenship and identify their online responsibilities.
  • explore online ethics by analyzing a mock social networking page Digital identity can be defined as all the online information and data specifically about an individual.

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