Connected, Flat and Global

Eltham College, Melbourne. June 7, 2013
This 3.5 hour presentation and workshop has been specifically designed to meet the curriculum objectives of Eltham College Middle School.
Material for this workshop is found in the book, “Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time“, by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis.

This workshop can be accessed here:

It has THREE parts:

Enduring Understandings:

As a result of this workshop participants will:
  • Understand the importance of connected and flat learning in education
  • Start or continue to build a network of interested and enthusiastic colleagues - face-to-face and virtual
  • Understand the power of Web 2.0 tools and how they support collaboration and connected learning
  • Appreciate the potential of global collaborative projects and experiences for students and teachers - increasing internationalism, inter-cultural understanding, and global awareness
  • Experience a hands-on workshop model based on the Digitween Project, where student-centered, project-based learning is fully integrated with a technology-rich environment
  • Understand how the strategies, structures and techniques in this model are easily applied to the classroom setting

Essential Questions:

  • What is connected and flat learning and why is this important?
  • How can I join my classroom with others, locally or globally, and work together?
  • What are the technology tools and strategies needed to ensure successful global collaboration?
  • What are the curriculum challenges and advantages of flattenning classroom walls?
  • What is the Digitween project and how is it relevant to Eltham College?